Cherry Pie

As I mentioned in my Christmas post I made a delicious Cherrypie for our Christmas dinner. I know most of you probably know how to make Cherry Pie but here is the recipe anyway!

You will need:

360g of plain flour

2 tbsp of sugar

1 tsp of salt

120 g of butter (cold)

120 g of margarine (cold)

120ml of water

This are the ingredients you need for the piecrust.

At first mix together the dry ingredients, then add the butter and the water. It’s easier to break the butter into tiny pieces before adding. The easiest and also funniest way to mix the ingredients together is to use your hands. It’s also a great way to release the stress you may had while doing other Christmas preparations.


After mixing everything together it will form a fair amount of sticky dough. Separate the dough in a bigger and a smaller ball and pop them in the fridge to chill for about an hour.

While waiting you can go and decorate the dining table, the Christmas tree or just chill on the sofa for a little bit.

If the dough has chilled out take the larger ball, roll it out and lay it out into your pieform. Roll out the smaller ball and cut it into strings for the top of the pie. After that put everything in the fridge again while making the filling.

For the filling you will need:

2 glasses of sour cherrys (without the juice)

4 tbsp of sugar

40g of corn starch

2 tbsp of lemonjuice


This is the easy part. Just throw everything into a large bowl and mix together. Then let it sit for about 10 minutes before spreading it out on the dough.

After you got everything together, bake the pie for 30 minutes on 200°C, then reduce the heat to 180°C and bake for another 30-40 minutes. Don’t forget that different ovens can get warmer in a shorter time, so the pie won’t take as long. Just check on your pie from time to time, ok.

8. fall for christmas traditions

About a week ago I saw a car with a christmastree strapped on top and it made me wondering why we haven’t get our Christmastree up yet. But then I realised that I live in Austria and here it is tradition to do the Christmastree on the 24th. As a child you are told that the Christkind is bringing the tree and the presents. Yes, we don’t have Santa! So I thought about different traditions quite a lot lately. Because I follow lots if British youtubers and bloggers I got very hyped during vlogmas and stuff like that. Especially Zoellas vlogmas hit me in all the right christmasy spots and all I wanted to do in the last past weeks was getting Christmas all over me (or something like that…). Even though I don’t like Christmas songs that much I found myself singing them sometimes. Unfortunately school was extremely stressful in the last past weeks which didn’t left much space for christmasy things. But somehow I managed to get all my christmasshopping done nearly two weeks before Christmas (I’m so proud of myself).

In Austria you do all the Christmas stuff on the 24th. In my family the 24 starts by getting up in the morning and decorating the tree together (since I know that the Christkind doesn’t exist). Then my mother starts cooking the dinner for later in the evening. In the early afternoon my sister and myself head to the cinema and watch a film. This tradition started when I was little to get me out of the house while my parents decorated the tree and wrapped the presents. But even now that both of us are “adults” we still watch a children movie every year. Since my nephew was born he joins us sometimes.

After the movie we drive home, have a drink together and start unwrapping the presents. This year is the first year we all did secret santa. After this we have our Christmas dinner, which this year is cooked by three different people because my mother don’t want to do a whole dinner by herself anymore. So my sister in law does the starter, my mother the main and myself the dessert, which will be a charrypie. I’m the only vegetarian in the family, so there is always a drama because it’s so difficult to cook separately for me (even though I just don’t eat the meat and be happy with the side dishes). After dinner we may play some games or just sit together and share some stories. My nephew normally is really excited and wants to try out all the gifts he got.

That’s how Christmas happens in our family. When I get to celebrate “my own” Christmas someday I may will put up the tree before the 24th. Because I think it makes everything more christmasy and gets you in the right mood.


(This year I will escape to England on the 29th to celebrate New Year’s Eve there and just to get away again. I’m really looking forward to it and hope it will be quite relaxing. I’m going to Brighton because I really love the city. If you got some tips, places to check out and other stuff please let me know!)

my new zodiac sign

I just read about the new zodiac signs and how about no? I’m born on November 8th so I’m a scorpio. And for real I’m actually a scorpio! It just matches me perfect. I’m one of these wired people who follows zodiac sign sites on tumblr and always reads the prognosis and character descriptions for myself and my inner friend circle. As a scorpo I’m loyal, a good friend, always there just like a mother, kind of mysterious, a little bit awkward, a bit stubborn (or more than a little bit tbh) and so on. It really describes me perfectly and for all my life I was quite proud of it… Not that I like hard-core believe in it but it was quite nice to fit into the description (for once I fit in somewhere!). Lately I found out that pluto is the planet that belongs to scorpio and for as long as I can think pluto was my favourite planet (and yes pluto is a planet)!

For now on I should be a libra and just nope. I always thought that the libra is one of the most boring ones. They are just there, nothing special. Then my ex-boyfriend was a libra… Nope just nope. Let’s start with the planet that is matching, it’s venus. I never had any special thoughts about the venus, it’s just there. I mean at clear nights it’s quite nice to look at but meh. As a libra you are supposed to be a person who always is searching for a relationship, is quite arty and into all the pretty things, keeps quiet and avoid conflicts, are indecisive and sometimes forget about their own opinion and voice. I think I personally match that description as good as I matched my ex-boyfriend.

I just love being alone for a bit and do things by myself, I have quite strong opinions and absolutely HATES when someone can’t decide shit or can’t address their opinion on topics. I really don’t like the change and of course I know that it is not that important and I can still identify with the scorpio sign but anyway from now on I have the need to read the libra sign (and not just to make fun of). There will always be that little screaming voice in my head which will say that I’m betraying myself by still referring to a scorpio.

(please don’t feel offended if you are a libra, you are a great person)

6. fall for blogging (again)

Guess who’s back, back again. I don’t know if I’m back fully and why I have been gone. But fact is I haven’t blogged the whole month of November. I actually like November tbh.

Maybe one of the reasons why I haven’t felt like blogging is that I’ve got to many ideas (sounds stupid I know). When I started my cooking series I really enjoyed taking the photos and writing the first recipe. Then I photographed the second one, made a “thumbnail”, wrote the whole post but neh. I don’t know. Just hasn’t felt right to upload. When I first started this blog I wanted it to be my cosy little corner of the internet where I can write and post whatever I wanted. But when I started this series I kind of was pressured by myself to post every day throw-out this few days. So it felt more like something I needed to do instead something I wanted to do. Even I enjoyed taking the pictures and stuff.

In the last few days my brain always went down the blogging path and I kept thinking about this particular blog (I got another one to). I got a few new ideas and suddenly I wanted to publish the last recipe too (even thou it’s not the best post tbh). So maybe I will be here more often again. Actually a few days ago I baked a cherry pie and all I wanted to do was to share the recipe on here. It will actually be our dessert on Christmas Eve so eventually I will try it out again bevor and post it on here. Because it’s just so good and you need to try it!

I don’t want to promise anything but I actually think that I will be back, back again.

Pumpkin Friday // Pumpkin Noodles // Pumpkin Spiced Cupcake

On my first day of my cooking experience I managed to do all pumpkin. Not on purpose but hey why not. It’s the end of October so why not do it ones again and binge on pumpkin.

Pumpkin Noodles

Sooo… For lunch I made pumpkin noodles which is like the easiest recipe ever. You need literally 3 ingredients. A pumpkin (who would have guessed), Cocomilk and noodles. You kind of can freestyle how much you need. If you feel fancy you can throw in some spices and get creative with it.

First of all you start by blending the pumpkin to get a nice mousse. I personally prefer it without junks in it. Then get a pen and fry some garlic in it (optional step), when brown add the blended pumpkin.

To get saucy add about half a can of Cocomilk and let it simmer until you get your preferred thickness. On this point you can mix all kind of spices into it. I went with a shit load of salt (maybe that’s why I’m that salty) and some hot stuff (maybe that’s why I’m that hot, not).

If the sauce is done throw the already cooked noodles (don’t forget about them) into the pan and mix it up. Done.

Pumpkin Spiced Cupcakes

For the cupcakes I used a normal vegan cupcake recipe which I normally just change slightly if I want to do something special.

The normal recipe:

  • 280g Flour
  • 125g Sugar
  • 150ml water
  • 100ml oil (prefer less)
  • Baking soda
  • 2 tbs apple puree

Just mix it all together and done.

For the pumpkin spice I replaced the apple puree with the blended pumpkin. I added about 4 tablespoons of the pumpkin puree. If I do it again I probably will add more. Then I added some cinnamon, ginger and vanilla to crate the taste pumpkin spice. But be careful these are strong spices, when you add too much you literally won’t be able to eat it.

When the dough is done fill it in a cupcake tray (?) and bake it for about 20 minutes by 180° Celsius.

When they were done I cut of the top and freestyled a frosting.

For the frosting you need:

About 80g of vegan cream cheese, 80g of vegan butter and some icing sugar, I also added a squeeze of lemon. But I think it might be extremely tasty if you would use white chocolate in the frosting instead of lemon of course.

Finally you just need to get the frosting on the tiny cakes. I will not tell you how to do it because I have absolutely no idea.



Noodles: Super easy, quick, and tasty. I would say a 3 out of 5.

Cupcakes: Kind of easy, frosting makes a mess (if you can’t do it properly like me), need a bit of time but soooo tasty! 4 out of 5.

5. fall for cooking

I’ve got myself a challenge today. In the next 4 days I need to cook and basically survive all by myself. But let’s concentrate on the cooking for now. Today I made a list of recipes I want to cook and what I need to buy. It worked pretty well (kind of too well). So I got four actual meals and two treats. I thought maybe, just maybe I will blog all of my food adventures in next couple of days, because I think it might get really funny because I’m not an organized or crafty person. I always think that I can properly cook but nope, I doesn’t always turn out that great. But who cares! So for this week (and the upcoming ones of course) I will add a new category to my blog: cooking! I know what you might think, she is already starting new category but haven’t blogged in her reading section yet. But hey, it’s my blog and I don’t care (*sassy hand*). I hope you enjoy my attempt to cook and bake. And did I mention that it’s all vegan?

4. fall for driving

I’ve got my drivers license for about a year now and I can’t imagine life without driving now. It’s not only the freedom that comes with driving it’s the general act of driving a car itself which made me fall in love. I live in the countryside and the public transport to town is crap so I actually need a car to get around. I love the 30 min drive to town from now and then, I love that I know every street by heart and how I can tell you every street sign one after another. I love how free driving feels. I love the feeling when you grip speed and how every car feels different. I love driving at night although it can be scary. I just fucking love driving.

I like how natural it feels by now when I get in the driversseat and how easy it actually is to drive around. When I first started driving I was so anxious and now I could drive for hours. It gets me very proud when I managed to drive a new rout without getting lost or find my own way out of tricky situations. I think that driving adds so much to your life, not only the freedom and flexibility of getting around whenever you want. It also can make you more confidante and make you feel more mature. Like “Hey, yeah I’m here by myself. Drove the whole way without anyone else by my side.” It’s just a great feeling to know that you can do things on your own.

3. fall for a bullet journal

Today I discovered bullet journals. I mean I always knew they exist but today I literally spent hours on youtube watching people set up their journals and plan their life. While I was away in Canada I loved to write in my travel diary. Make lists of things I discovered, food I liked, and places I’ve been to. I made brisk notes about what happened on each day and planed all my transports in there. The obvious reason was to remember the days and to keep track about what will happen next, but on the other hand I learned that I really like to write things down. I always knew that I like to make list of various topics, when you look at my phone you will find lists called “things I hate”, “things I love”, “places I want to go to” and so on. So today I decided to start a bullet journal. I mean I do all those things anyway, just on different devices. So why not compare them and stuff them into a tiny, lovely and hopefully pretty looking book. I know I’m not the organized person and so I hope that I may can learn to schedule my life a little bit better. I haven’t thought about this for a long time now, but I already got vale ideas on what I want to include.

I want to have:

  • A calendar of the whole year where I can see when I’m going on holidays, trips and stuff because I think it might keep me motivated if I can actually count the days down.
  • A calendar of every month where I can note important things like exams (I’m in senior year now so there’s a lot to do), birthdays and other exiting things.
  • My hate list
  • My love list/ what makes me happy
  • Like a list where I note on what I spent money on (even if it will be horrifying), living on a budget kind of stuff
  • Blog ideas?
  • What I want to read
  • And at the end of every month a page which is like a resume or something. Like what I liked this month, favourite memory and stuff like that.

If you have any tips or want to start a bullet journal too feel free to leave a comment, I would love to read what topics you got in yours.

See ya’ mates (wtf?)

2. fall for yourself


Today I feel awful, I don’t know why, but I know it not because of someone else. It is just myself that can trigger sadness, anxiety and other awful feelings. Sometimes I can feel how good days turn into bad ones. It just happens. There is no need to be sad today, but unfortunately I feel exhausted, tired and alone. Don’t get me wrong, I really love being alone and all by myself. I feel like I am alone but at the same time I think I can’t stand the presence of another person around me. Why is it possible to feel alone even if you don’t want to be around others? I’ve got good friends, of course I do, but after a day spent with them the loneliness crawls back.

I know I let my thoughts take over most of the time bit is it necessarily a bad thing? If they are there anyway why not spent time with them and try to sort them. I think that just lying on the floor, listen to music and think is one of the most meditative things you can do. It really relaxes me but on the other hand it can be stressful at the same time. I procrastinate, don’t get things done. The pile of work ahead of me gets bigger and bigger but I just can’t do it.

It’s imported to deal with yourself, I mean you are stuck with yourself forever, so why don’t make the most of it and get best friends with your thoughts, feelings and experience. Have conversations while enjoying a cup of tea or take yourself for a walk. If you write things down, just do it. I think after a stressed day writing is something that really can calm me down. Don’t think about later, tomorrow or the past. Just let a pen glide through pages and watch the ink coming out as the words flow.

You’ve got a story to tell if no one wants to listen just write it down for yourself.


1. fall into writing

Sometimes I feel the urge to write and just capture my thoughts on a piece of paper, or a word document. Sometimes my thoughts are just in English, like at this exact moment. I think it’s because I feel more connected to myself when I think and write in English. Like it is just for myself and for nobody else. It even makes talking to myself easier because it makes me feel like nobody around can understand me. But at the same time I have the opinion that I find it easier to talk to other people in English… Like I can be braver and go out of myself, brake the wall and be not as shy as I normally use to be. It is hard to explain and I don’t know why or what I’m writing, just that I like the feeling of letting words out of my brain. I like how they can escape through my fingers and form something all by themselves. I don’t know where this is going, if I write it for an audience or just for me. I’m thinking about who would read this if I would publish it somewhere and what they would think. I mean I’m not thinking this through just typing innocently and without thinking about grammar and all the mistakes I could make. In life it is important to make your own mistakes, learn from them and experience your existence. Sometimes pictures and emotions just pop up in your head and you don’t know what to do with them. I really love dreaming. I daydream all the time but what I really love is actual dreaming. I think I’m an experienced dreamer, sometimes I can control what I dream but most of the time I don’t even want to. A while ago I read something like “A dream is an experience and when you can experience something it is real”. Like you can learn something new every night. If you start flying and feel the air moving around you it is something you feel, you get emotions from it and it will stay in your mind for a long time, just like an actual memory. Sometimes I even go to sleep because I want to dream. Like I can give away control and just fall into an adventure I can’t control properly. I’m a heavy sleeper and enjoy the ritual of going to bed. I know many people claim that I’m lazy and sometimes it’s hard to get things done. But it doesn’t make me a bad person. Sometimes I just don’t have the energy to work or even not to do things I like. Getting out can be difficult and challenging. But daily challenges are important. Set yourself small, achievable goals and if your daily goal just is to get into the shower or go and buy milk it is ok. There will be other and better days. Days in which you feel strong enough too ripe out trees and suddenly have the strange to work on your long time goals as well. There are not only bad days.  The good will come and someday they will come even more frequent. It’s impossible to have just good days but you are not supposed to let yourself down because you can only think of the bad ones. At the moment I’m at the mood for writing lose texts which flow from my confused brainbox while listening to calming music. I’m craving for a cup of tea, a warm blanket and a happy place. I haven’t found my happy place yet. It could be everything. The windowsill, the armchair, a place in the woods, a museum, the concert hall where you have seen lots of your favourite artists. Maybe it is the internet. But I think the internet is a good and a bad thing at the same time. People get judged to easily. Just get a place for your own. A place where you can go by yourself and just enjoy a little metime. For you the most important person should be you. If you keep that in mind it can make your life so much easier. Don’t think about what other would like our expect you to do. If you want to do something else, go alone while your friends are all together. Just go for it. Nobody says that being with others is the key to happiness. Sometimes happiness can be a coffee you enjoy while staring at the sea while you are wearing your favourite boots. Do whatever makes you happy. And don’t forget to write. It doesn’t care if someone reads it or not just let your thoughts go and find a medium where you can relieve stress and all your worries. When I was travelling around I just wrote down notes about every day and I miss it so much. Get yourself in mind that every day you experience is special even it seems that nothing had happened. Of course you will not remember certain days, you will remember random memories and emotions that suddenly rush through your mind without a reason. And this is all we live for.